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The Lawyer Referral Service of California Lawyers for the Arts (CLA) operates as a lawyer referral service under the authority of the State Bar of California.

CLA offers referral services only for creative artists, arts organizations and those with arts-related legal matters.

To better facilitate the lawyer referral process, please use our online legal referral request form below. After submitting a referral request form, a representative of CLA's referral services will contact you to discuss your matter and complete the referral process.


===> Online Legal Referral Request Form <===

JOIN CLA during the intake completion process when we contact you on the phone and you will SAVE $15.  C.L.A. Members receive a 43% discount on all referrals; 50% off education programs, and big discounts on publications.

An administrative fee of $35 ($20 for C.L.A. members) is required for each referral which includes a FREE 30 minute initial consultation with an attorney who is familiar with specific arts-related legal issues. Initial consultations may take the form of face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations, if convenient for the client.

Pre-payment of the administrative fee is required to begin locating your attorney within 3-5 business days. Credit cards, cash, checks, and money orders are accepted. Do not send payments with your referral request form -- payment details will be discussed when the CLA representative contacts you.

Where appropriate, you can apply for assistance under CLA's Pro Bono Program, in which case the attorney's legal fees are waived. (Be advised that due to the high demand for free legal assistance and the State Bar's stringent income reporting requirements, pro bono referrals usually take much longer than 3-5 business days).

The referral service handles many arts-related issues such as:

    * Copyright
    * Contract drafting, review and negotiation
    * Nonprofit Organization Issues
    * Landlord/Tenant
    * Organizational Tax (not individual tax)
    * Employee/independent contractor
    * Mediation and Arbitration
    * And many more!

Also, sometimes self-education can help you get more out of the referral process. You may want to consider attending one of our many helpful educational programs.



Or email:

CLA's referral service is registered with the State Bar of California and conforms with the Minimum Standards for a Lawyer Referral Service in California Business and Professions Code Section 6155, both effective January 1, 1995 Certificate #0021.

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